Color palette full of passion

Bianca, blank, white… our name says it all: Bianca Flowers
focusses year-round on growing the most beautiful lilies
in bulb and flower, whereof most are beautifully white.
In addition, we also offer a wide range of roses. An
abundance of color, and all grown with the same passion.


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which beautiful oriental
lilies we have in our


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The Netherlands,
England, France, Russia,
America… and all over the world are oriental lilies a popular flower bulb.

The bulb

Each cultivar is carefully
tested on quality, be it in
a laboratory or visually.


From flower bulb to pure beauty and elegancy in blossom:
Each year millions of lilies carry the name Bianca. Every day
our team work on the creation of one of the biggest export products of the Netherlands. And each day quality, sustainability and innovation are our primary focus.

Lilies are popular elsewhere in Europe, Russia, North and
South America, Asia and Australia. Bianca Flowers produces millions of
lilies each year that reach their final destination far beyond our country borders. Read more about our bulb and floriculture.